Why Choose Secure Ride Financial?

Applying for credit can be a stressful and challenging process. We believe that your previous credit is only one small part of the credit approval process. With the challenges in today’s world and economy we are seeing many consumers who may not qualify for credit through the traditional lending programs.

Secure Ride Financial was designed to individually meet the needs of its clients with fully customized lending solutions to fit your individual needs, budget and credit situation.

Our team of lenders have years of lending and financial services experience and are dedicated to making the approval process stress free and respectful. We endeavour to work with you to find a credit solution that fits your needs but also to work with you to create a better credit future for you and your family.

See how we compare to your traditional lending institutions such as Chartered Banks.

Secure Ride Financial

We believe this can be achieved with a customized payment plan that works for you!
We understand that not everyone has one full time job, many people will work multiple part time jobs to provide for themselves and their families.
Even if you do not have a long time at your current employer, do you usually work in the same type of job?
It is not uncommon for people to stay in the same basic geographical area even though they may have moved to different addresses within that area. We understand that and don’t believe it should affect your approval.
What are your Financial Goals and how do we help you get there?

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